4th learning exchange (Lithuania/UK)

KarolisKarolis Kuodys, who works for the Lithuanian State Parks and Reserves, is visiting the North York Moors National Park (UK) in order to exchange knowledge and experience about volunteer management and about how to engage communities in protected area management.

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  1. Ankur 11. August 2015 um 21:40 #

    Hi Rudy, Thanks for that prompt. The link to the baunkrocgd info is on the site under blogroll and you are absolutely right it should have been in the About section or in a separate Contact area.. The expectation initially was that for the most part people viewing the site had been involved in the process. However, I had intended to get more done on it sooner but we had some health issues in our family that took precedence over volunteer projects. If you have some time and talent to gift to this project we would love the help! I’ll be at the open house on Wednesday, perhaps we could chat about it then.jamie

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